Any time is a good time to renovate your bathroom, even if you have plans to sell the house sooner. A high-end remodelled bathroom will help you attract more customers and get a good deal. Here we will discuss a few tips that will help you improve your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

  1. Create a Wish List and Budget

At first, take a look around in your bathroom and decide what you want to change. You must list everything on paper and then categorise them into two sections – must-haves and nice-to-haves. After that, you have to create a budget. Your renovation budget should include the bathroom and plumbing fixtures purchasing costs, labour costs, etc. Bathroom companies in Sydney also recommend clients keep some money aside to fix unexpected plumbing or mould problems during the renovation project

  1. Plan a Layout

While renovating your bathroom, you must avoid making unnecessary changes to the existing sanitaryware layout. After all, the fewer alterations you make, the lower it will cost you. So, you must plan the layout of your bathroom first before starting the project. You can scan home renovation magazines, visit showrooms, and check websites to get inspiration for your new layout. You can also consult with an expert who offers bathroom renovations services near me. After creating the new layout, you can consider starting your renovation project. 

  1. Hire an Expert

Bathroom renovation is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, homeowners are always recommended to hire an expert for bathroom renovation in Sydney or other cities. Professionals know what your budget can buy, and they will provide you with expert advice based on it. They will also save you from making costly mistakes and accomplish the entire project on time.

  1. Choose Sanitaryware Before Tiling or Plastering

Homeowners must choose the sanitaryware before tiling or plastering to ensure that the hot & cold pipes and waste lines are in the correct positions. Here’s a complete list of sanitaryware that you must check carefully before plastering or tiling:

  • Toilet
  • Bath
  • Taps
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Bathroom furniture
  1. Don’t Forget to Hire an Electrician 

Luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney or other cities are not only about plumbing jobs. You also have to hire an expert electrician for rewiring and installing electrical devices. Consult with an electrician before you start the bathroom renovation project. It will help you to plan everything strategically and schedule the electrician’s job wisely. 

These are the five tips that you must follow when renovating your house. You can rely on Luxurious Bathrooms to accomplish your bathroom renovation project smoothly. We are a highly rated and trusted company offering bathroom renovations services in Sydney and other cities. Call us now to discuss your ideas with an expert.

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