Architects are experts in creative home design and structural problem-solving. They can do it for both the interior and exterior of your building. They mainly focus on improving the functionality of the space rather than enhancing its aesthetic value. There are several things that you still don’t know about interior architecture. In this post, we will cover them all.

Interior Architecture

It is a professional field that focuses on the interior space of a building and enhances its functionality for human occupancy. It blends science and art simultaneously to create and rebuild the inside area of home and office buildings. Interior architects design a building from the inside out to help clients make the most of the available space. This type of architecture job also involves turning one kind of space into another, referred to as adaptive re-use. Converting an office building into an apartment or vice versa is an example of this.

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How It Is Different Than Interior Design

Interior architecture is often confused with interior design. There is plenty of overlap between the job role of an interior designer and architect, but their differences are also quite noticeable. In this section of the post, we will focus on that.

  1. Interior architects design the entire structure of an interior space based on their technical knowledge. They work with contractors or builders to facilitate the renovation of the existing structure. They mainly deal with the structural renovations of a building, but interior designers focus on aesthetic renovations. 
  2. Interior designers focus on space planning and making the home aesthetically pleasing. However, they don’t have enough technical knowledge to address architectural problems. They can beautify an existing place but can’t change its functionality as interior architects do. 
  3. Every architect should have a license to call himself/herself a professional architect and practice it. But such credibility is not required in interior design practice.

What Interior Architects Do

Interior architects are mainly responsible for creating or rebuilding the interior environments that often change the building’s existing structure. They take building structural codes into account to create habitable and safe working or living space. Interior architects may also include sustainable design elements into their project to enhance clients’ living or working experience. Green development is an excellent example of sustainable design that features alternative lighting and heating systems.

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