Do you have any plan to renovate and transform your old bathroom into a modern bathroom? Still not sure where to source modern bathroom ideas? 

Here at Luxurious Bathrooms, we have got you covered!

That you will want a layout with anything you could want, down to the most basic element is quite natural. Like from a statement wall to a glass door, a gorgeous little windowsill adorned with greenery, you could want every such element of the most modern ensuite with the “wow” factor of appearance. 

In order that you get a fulfilled bathroom renovation solution, you have to count on the expertise and knowledge of absolute pros. Only they can offer you bathroom design ideas, from the mid-century modern style to the most Instagram-worthy contemporary bathroom. 

So what does ‘modern bathroom renovation’ mean? Well, modern essentially means anything that is up-to-date and with a touch of the future. So, your design ideas for your modern bathroom will reflect the trends of the present time. Whether that is a loft bathroom layout, mosaic tiles, or mid-century interior design, modern is the best of your time that suits your current trends. When it comes to bathrooms, be sure that the design is everything to guarantee you get what you envision. 

Idea #1: Bathroom Accessories

The key modern bathroom renovation idea is to incorporate as many accessories as your heart desires! But you need to be careful about not overdoing it, in order to keep the bathroom modern and minimal. You can add some accessories here and there, but make sure to add bathroom decor where appropriate. 


Idea #2: Lighting Fixtures

Whether it is a small bathroom or a big one, lighting fixtures play a key role in every bathroom setting. A popular option in many modern bathroom design settings is a spotlight. These are the ceiling lights that enable you to point the light towards certain focal points, which ensure your bathroom is evenly lit. One of the key factors to consider for modern bathroom renovation is about making sure that your bathroom floor space is evenly lit for getting your bathroom looking as good as possible. You can also fix a wall light to provide a focused light fixture on a certain accessory.

Idea #3: Wall-Mounted Furniture 

The idea of wall-mounted furniture immediately springs to mind as soon as we think of a modern bathroom renovation. It is an essential element of a sleek, smooth look bathroom environment. You can take inspiration from the website of Luxurious Bathrooms to see which elements will work for your bathrooms’ style. Be it a wall-mounted toilet, a bathtub, or even a sink basin, your bathroom and shower room could greatly benefit from wall-hung furniture.

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If you are a fan of all the hottest, modern design ideas and want a modern bathroom renovation service in Sydney, contact the specialists at Luxurious Bathrooms.

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