A bathroom is one of the most important and one of the most used places in our homes. Everyone likes to have a beautiful and luxurious bathroom where they can take a hot or cold shower after a day’s hard work. It is a place where you can disconnect from the rest of the world for a few moments and spend some time in peace.

No one likes to spend their time in a poorly designed and disorganized bathroom. For rejuvenation, you need a very well-designed bathroom that will help to transform your bathroom into a luxurious place. Making the design and the architecture is a highly specialized work for which you need proper assistance from an expert in this domain. Luxurious Bathrooms is one of the most renowned and reputed companies that have experience in designing and renovating bathrooms of more than 20 years. Whether you are looking to construct a new bathroom or whether you are looking to renovate your existing bathroom, Luxurious Bathrooms are ready to render their best service to help to transform your dream bathroom into reality.

We provide excellent services related to large as well as small bathroom designs with bathing facilities in Sydney. We design custom bathrooms especially according to your requirements and the kind of space available. It does not matter whether you have a small or large bathroom, our highly skilled designers and architects will design a customized bathroom such that the space available is used optimally. 

What are the stand-out services offered by Luxurious Bathrooms?

  1. Design and Quotation: The first step to avail of our service is to contact us, immediately after which we sit with you at your place or in our office to provide you with the design and quotation of your dream bathroom.
  2. Interiors: After the design and quotation, if you proceed further, we will go to select the interiors of the bathroom according to the design and theme decided.
  3. Customized Cabinets: Getting the right kind of vanity and cabinets according to the availability of space is very important as it makes your bathroom more organized and helps in utilizing the space in a better way. Whether you want small cabinets or full-height cabinets, we will provide you with them.
  4. Project Management: Our designers and project managers ensure that everything is planned and carried out systematically. Our team comprises highly skilled and trained plumbers, tilers, electricians, stonemasons, and many more.
  5. Strip out & Installation: We strip out and dispose of the existing things in your bathroom in a very environmentally friendly manner. After that, we carry out all the installations in a very professional manner.
  6. Cleaning and Finishing: We provide attention to detail to finish everything in your bathroom and after completion, we clean the entire space to give a picture-perfect look.
  7. Certifications: We provide waterproofing certificates as well which is very important for your bathroom to be free from any problems for years to come.

You are just one call away from transforming your bathroom into a very classy space. Luxurious Bathrooms ensure quality services for every kind of bathroom whether it be a large bathroom design or small bathroom designs with bathing facilities in Sydney. It will be a very worthy investment that will serve you for years. We provide services and materials of the highest standards and once you make up your mind to work with us, you just need to sit on your couch and relax. We handle everything very effectively starting from design to execution. So what are you waiting for? Contact Luxurious Bathrooms and watch your imagination transform into reality.

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